The Goal of this project is to build capacity for the geothermal educational program at ITB which will provide for expanding the number of graduates who focus on geothermal energy development and broaden the exposure of students and faculty to the global geothermal power business.

The project is also intended to provide opportunities for USC to further develop and expand its geothermal education programs through a partnership in one of the most resource rich geothermal areas of the world.

The involvement and support of Star Energy will provide direct industry input into education initiatives and is intended to lead to greater involvement and coordination between academia and industry in the Indonesian geothermal business.

The key element of this collaborative efforts is to build on the experience base of both ITB and USC on geothermal related education and R&D. In addition, we expect to benefit from operational experience of Star Energy to make such educational activities more relevant to the real life challenges and requirements of geothermal operators.