California Energy Commission – Geothermal Program By Pablo S. Gutierrez

July 25, 2011 —

By Pablo S. Gutierrez,
California Energy Commission, Geothermal Program Technical Lead
Monday, July 25, 2011, 2:30 -3:30p.m,

In 1980, the California Legislature established the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) Geothermal Program (AB 1905 Bosco) and created the Geothermal Resources Development Account (GRDA) as the source of funding to promote the development of new or existing geothermal resources and technologies. It is the Geothermal Program’s mission to promote the research, development, demonstration, and commercialization of California’s enormous geothermal energy resources. Since 1980, the Geothermal Program provided funding for over 174 geothermal research, development, and demonstration projects. In the past 20 years, California has developed one of the world’s largest and most diverse renewable generation industry.  Renewable energy technologies as a whole and geothermal energy specifically provide public interest benefits.  Inherent benefits are energy security, economic development, and environmental health.  As a domestic renewable energy source, geothermal energy reduces reliance on imported fuels.  Geothermal energy offers long-term energy flexibility, air quality improvement, diversity, and can ensure a reliable, affordable, and environmentally acceptable energy supply.


Mr. Gutierrez is the Geothermal Program Technical Lead, for the California Energy Commission (CEC) located in Sacramento, California.  As the Geothermal Program Lead his responsibilities includes administration and management of the Geothermal Program which finances and promotes research, development, demonstration and commercialization of geothermal technologies through grants with private companies, utilities, universities, and governmental agencies.  Previous to his tenure with the CEC, Mr. Gutierrez was employed by the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) where his duties centered on project management of wastewater treatment projects.

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