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USC Workshop: Hydraulic Fracturing and Induced Seismicity (New Agenda)

May 21, 2012 —

June 28, 2012
The Davidson Conference Center
Los Angeles, CA


The HFIS workshop is intended for the oil and gas operators involved in the stimulation  and  completion practices in shale gas and liquid rich shale using hydraulic  fracturing.  The workshop is a prelude to the formation of a an international consortium  of operators for the development of predictive tools and models as well as the associated  hazard maps for induced seismicity (IS) caused by hydraulic fracturing (HF). The goal is  to develop an effective scientific based road map for best operational practices, policy  decisions, regulatory processes, and public communication with respect to the frac  activities in the shale plays in the U. S. and elsewhere.

The consortium will be built from a unique combination of USC capabilities in  petroleum engineering, earthquake seismology, civil and environmental engineering, public policy, and communication.  A team of scientists from the USC Viterbi School of  Engineering and SCEC (Southern California Earthquake Center) will conduct the  workshop and its associated breakout sessions. Discussions on public policies will be led  by James Slutz, the former assistant secretary of the DOE and State regulator.   The workshop will include a description of steps taken for the formation of the consortium  and opportunities for operators of any size to participate and benefit from the  coordinated studies with specific model studies and predictive tools at various  geographical locations. 
This initiative will provide a platform for the industry to proactively address the risks of  induced seismicity and lead the effort to create the scientific base for effectively  managing seismic risks. Please see the presentation Prof. Aminzadeh  gave at the April 17-18th 2012 RPSEA sponsored  Unconventional Gas Conference,  or  contact him at: at 213-821-4268 for additional technical details. To  register, please contact Aimee Barnard, (213-740-8028).

Note: The conference has been postponed to June 28,2012